Looking for a trusted and authorized dealer of SkinCeuticals in Guelph? Turn to em clinic for an exclusive line of authentic and certified SkinCeuticals products.

When it comes to skin health and care, we only want the best for you!

At em clinic, we are pleased to offer you SkinCeuticals. Back by science and clinical studies. SkinCeuticals is proven to help maintain and improve skin health. This advanced skincare solution is highly recommended by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and other aesthetic professionals and is formulated to correct the signs of aging, protect healthy skin, and prevent future damage.

It boasts a powerful formula, from Vitamin C serum, CE Ferulic to retinol creams, that is certified by comprehensive scientific research. All SkinCeutical products undergo strict clinical studies to verify their efficacy and evident results. With regular use, you will notice transformative changes to the texture and tone of your skin, including less visible fine lines and wrinkles, reduced age spots and hyperpigmentation, and better skin elasticity.

Why Trust SkinCeuticals

When it comes to skin maintenance and treatment, we highly recommend SkinCeuticals because we only want the safest and most effective products for your skin. SkinCeuticals is not only scientifically backed-up but also sets the standard in the cosmeceutical industry. Its active ingredients are pharmaceutical grade to ensure safety and efficacy of all skincare products.

Where to Buy SkinCeuticals Products in Guelph?

em clinic is a trusted and authorized retailer of SkinCeuticals. Whatever your skin issues are (fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, and dry skin), we have an exclusive line of SkinCeutical products for sale in our Guelph clinic that can only be acquired through dermatologists, plastic surgeons, as well as skin care professionals.

You can trust that em clinic only sells skincare products that are 100% authorized and certified by SkinCeuticals. You can browse through our online catalogue of amazing and highly effective skincare products to choose the perfect solution for all your skin troubles. You can also speak with one of our skincare specialists at (519) 668-7449 or send us a message at with your skin concerns. We are looking forward to discussing the best SkinCeutical products for you.

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