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Double Chin Treatment

If you are looking to safe and non-invasive double chin treatment, trust our highly-trained aesthetic professionals at em clinic.

Also known as submental fat, a double chin is characterized by the formation of a layer of fat under the chin. While this condition is commonly associated with weight gain, you do not necessarily need to be overweight to have a double chin. Other factors include your genetic makeup and aging.

Double Chin Treatments in Guelph

There are reliable, non-invasive cosmetic treatments that help enhance your facial appearance without you having to undergo surgical treatment or invasive treatments for a double chin.

em clinic is pleased to offer safe a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment for double chin removal. We have state-of-the-art Health Canada and FDA-approved double chin treatments that our Guelph clients can rely on. It works by slowly destroying the layer of excess chin fat and creating a tighter appearance in the jaw line and neck to help achieve a natural and more defined transition between your neck and jaw.

Depending on the condition of the double chin, some patients may require more than one treatment to reduce the unwanted layer of fats below their chin. While 2 to 4 sessions are typical, the number of treatments usually depends on how much fat you want to get rid of until you achieve the aesthetic affect you desire.

Get Your Guelph Double Chin Treatment Now

If you are looking forward to a safe and highly effective double chin removal treatment, feel free to book an appointment with em clinic at (519) 668-7449. We have a warm and friendly team of aesthetic professionals who are highly experienced in various cutting-edge cosmetic treatments. During the consultation, we will recommend the right treatment approach for you.

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