Amazing Skin Benefits of Microneedling with PRP

Amazing Skin Benefits of Microneedling with PRP


When your skin cells are at their healthiest, it is elastic, evenly coloured, and smooth — you can even say it glows. There are a variety of other factors people associate with beauty; the quality of the skin is one of those factors. However, skin does not merely signal beauty; it also indicates youthfulness and health.

As we age, the condition of our skin changes. The skin loses volume and elasticity and turns dull. It can also cause sagging skin and blemishes. Additionally, daily exposure to the sun can lead to pronounced changes in the face, neck, and the backs of our hands. Dark rings develop under the eyes and fine lines eventually appear.

Microneedling + PRP for Youthful and Healthy Skin

Integrating PRP with microneedling

Microneedling with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a modern form of cosmetic treatment used to control the undesirable effects of aging on our skin. It works by stimulating the production of collagen by means of rolling fine needles over the skin. The practitioner takes a blood sample and places it in a centrifuge, a spinning tool used to separate the PRP from the rest of the blood components. The needles puncture the skin at various depths to maintain the overlying epidermis while creating dermal injury. With each puncture of the needle, it creates a channel stimulating neocollagenesis and neovascularization to fill the microscopic wounds.

What makes this treatment highly effective is the addition of PRP. PRP is a plasma that contains a higher concentration of platelets than that of other blood components. PRP contains proteins that promote skin tissue repair, as well as cytokines and growth factors. Growth factors are essential for promoting cell growth, tissue repair, and the production of new collagen. Also, PRP is packed with stem cells, which helps stimulate collagen production. Hence, the application of platelets during the treatment process helps blood clot, promoting healing of wounds and injuries and reducing the duration of redness and swelling.

Growth Factors

  • FGF (Fibroblast Growth Factor) – cell growth, tissue repair, collagen production
  • PDGF (Platelet-Derived Growth Factor) – cell growth, repair of blood vessels, collagen production, and new cell generation
  • VEGF (Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor) – promotes growth and generation of new vascular endothelial cells
  • TGF-B (Transforming Growth Factor Beta) – promotes the growth of epithelial and endothelial cells, and promotes wound healing
  • KGF (Keratinocyte Growth Factor) – promotes growth and generation of new keratinocytes
  • EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) – promotes the growth of epithelial cells, angiogenesis, and wound healing

Microneedling with PRP treatment stimulates collagen production

Combining microneedling and PRP treatment for face benefits additional tightness in your skin while promoting a quick and natural healing process. Additionally, this highly advanced cosmetic treatment procedure enables the activation of collagen production in your skin and tissues. Thus, this modern treatment is effective for preservation, restoration, and maintenance of the skin on your face and body.

For skin showing the effects of aging, microneedling with PRP makes a huge difference. The increase in the production of collagen helps you regain natural smoothness, firmness, elasticity, and glow. If you want to treat minor signs of the aging process and are in good health, then microneedling with PRP is for you.

Once the treatment process is completed, the practitioner will apply and rub a serum (usually a hyaluronic acid) to your skin and leaves it on your face for about 4 hours to ensure that you receive all the treatment benefits.

Microneedling with PRP treatment for face benefits rejuvenated skin and reinvigorated cellular turnover. Other benefits provided by microneedling with PRP include:

Microneedling with PRP helps lighten and eliminate the appearance of sunspots

  • Reduce spider veins and broken capillaries
  • Reduce the appearance of large pores
  • Even skin tones
  • Minimize facial scars
  • Gives your skin a fresh glow
  • Minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Make your skin firmer and smoothen the texture
  • Lighten sunspots
  • Improve dull and lifeless skin
  • Improve the retention of the skin moisture

Microneedling with PRP can also be used to treat other areas of the body

Microneedling with PRP is a safe and effective cosmetic treatment for all types of skin. Moreover, this minimally invasive treatment does not only treat facial skin problems. It can also be used to improve the appearance of the skin in different areas of the body, such as reducing the appearance of stretch marks. Additionally, microneedling with PRP is a low-risk treatment option for dark-skinned clients and for those whom laser treatment is not an option.

What to Expect During the Treatment Process

Protect yourself from direct sunlight

Before your scheduled appointment, the practitioner will provide you with specific instructions to prepare you for microneedling with PRP treatment. This usually includes:

  • Drinking plenty of water days before the treatment
  • Avoid direct exposure to the sun a week before the procedure
  • Never use cosmetics or moisturizer the morning of your procedure

Microneedling with PRP is a fairly quick treatment procedure. The practitioner will cleanse your skin before applying a topical anesthetic to keep you relaxed and comfortable. After taking your blood for the PRP treatment, the practitioner will determine the appropriate depth for the treatment according to the type and condition of your skin. The microneedling process takes about 30 minutes.

What is great about microneedling with PRP is that the results are immediate. Improvements can be seen during the following days and weeks due to the stimulation of collagen production, which keeps enhancing your skin’s texture and quality for as long as 6 months. While it only takes a few days to recover, the recovery period depends on how aggressive your treatment is. To ensure optimal results, simply follow the aftercare guide provided by the practitioner.

The recovery should be fairly minimal and reduce any potential side-effects as long as you follow the guidelines:

  • Avoid applying too many skincare products during the recovery period.
  • Clean and moisturize twice a day.
  • Avoid using skin products that contain alcohol and exfoliants.
  • Avoid direct sunlight as it slows down the healing process.
  • Do not engage in rigorous activities and exercises, such as playing tennis, running, and heavy workouts, which causes the body to heat and sweat excessively until the skin is completely healed.

While microneedling with PRP results in smoother and firmer skin, its results are not permanent. Talk to the practitioner about setting up a maintenance treatment once a year to continue enjoying healthy, youthful skin all year long.

At Em Clinic and Spa, we offer the most current and advanced skincare treatment to restore, preserve, and maintain your skin. Our microneedling with PRP treatment can do wonders for ageing skin. If you are interested, feel free to call us at (519) 668-7449 to book an appointment with our professionals. Feel free to visit us in Woolwich Street, Guelph.

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